Ithuba Holdings

About us

Who we are

ITHUBA is a privately owned South African company founded by the Zamani Equity Fund and is registered with Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in accordance with the South African Companies Act of 2008. In 2013, Zamani’s leadership identified an opportunity to extend its strong management philosophy to provide a national service, and as a result formed Zamani Gaming as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) through which to bid for the licence to operate the South African National Lottery. Zamani Gaming attracted a consortium of credible B-BBEE and high profile investors to create Ithuba Holdings Proprietary Limited (RF), which was awarded the Third National Lottery Licence, effective from June 2015.


Our Vision

ITHUBA aims to re-invigorate the National Lottery through optimizing the consumer experience, restoration of faith and trust in the National Lottery, and showcasing its positives social contribution to our society.


our mission

Our company mission is to contribute, positively and actively, to socio-economic development, through ethical and efficient operation of the National Lottery, in a manner that will engender a spirit of pride among its shareholders, key strategic partners and staff.

Our Company Values


Integrity is the consistent practice of conducting oneself in a manner that is authentic, honest, transparent and mindful. It fosters a high degree of dependability, accountability and professionalism and is based on a foundation of solid ethics which is applied to the decisions we make. It creates a platform which empowers, enthuses and endears trust.


Tenacity is having the strength of will which is driven by persistence, determination, resilience, commitment and passion to achieve individual and professional excellence.


Humility is the ability to elevate and acknowledge people and their views by being considerate, respectful and humble in everything we do. It is our common goal and genuine effort to create an environment where people are appreciated for their contribution and not just their designation.


Ubuntu is unity in diversity. It promotes a spirit of interconnectedness that recognises and respects the differences of others and creates a culture of equality.


Best Practice is defining, executing and enhancing competitive methodologies that are fit for purpose, well communicated and understood and consistently implemented to drive the best outputs for maximum efficiency towards achieving the organization’s strategic intent.


Achievement is initiating the strategic intent of our business with discipline and effort, executing it with a deep sense of commitment, perseverance and accountability. It calls for dynamic thinking which recognises a changing landscape. It is supported by hard work and dedication to achieving the highest quality that drives both organisational and professional success. It builds a culture of continuous improvement by evaluating performance and consistently strives to enhance the quality of outcomes.