Ithuba Holdings

Ithuba Shareholder's


The following organisations have invested in Ithuba Holdings Proprietary Limited (RF) and represent the diversity, social entrepreneurship, competency areas and extensive networks that ITHUBA believes are relevant to the success of the South African National Lottery.


Paytronix is a black owned Information Communication Technology (ICT) Company. Paytronix provided a turnkey solution to Empilweni Payout Services, including its in-house development and operating of the software that served as the backbone for the social grant distribution system. It also provided and maintained all software and hardware support including biometric software development and application.

Paytronix aims to participate in the Lottery Industry at various levels by ensuring that it partners with well-established international technology providers and, with time, internalize and acquire, for itself, the required ICT expertise relevant to the Lottery Industry. Through this form of empowerment in favour of Paytronix, ITHUBA has contributed towards the realization of the government’s Localisation Objectives. Directors of Paytronix are Ben Mabuza and Joy Diphokwana.

Zamani Gaming, as a shareholder of Ithuba Holdings Proprietary Limited (RF), is solely owned by Zamani Fund. The Fund is the main sponsor of the ITHUBA lottery project and has been the lead partner in the conceptualizing and funding of this project. Zamani is wholly Black-owned and is 50% controlled by a black female. Zamani Fund has positioned itself as one of South Africa’s premium funds. Its directors are Adv. Eric Mabuza and Charmaine Mabuza.

Zamani Fund’s philosophy of doing good whilst doing well, has been the driving force in supporting the Eric and Charmaine Mabuza Scholarship Foundation, which has assisted young disadvantaged South Africans achieve their dreams of receiving a tertiary education.

Imbhumbha Management 

Imbhumbha Management was created exclusively for the purpose of participating in ITHUBA.

Imbhumbha represents both traditional and informal business people from different Provinces throughout South Africa. It is 100% Black owned with significant representation by women from the rural parts of South Africa who had been historically marginalized from the country’s mainstream business activities.

Kwabo Holdings is a SPV that houses the equity of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) participants of ITHUBA.
Shareholders of Kwabo Holdings include:

The Disabled People of South Africa (DPSA) was established in 1984 as a Non-Profit Organisation to represent physically challenged individuals. DPSA is recognized at the National Assembly, and has observer status with the United Nations. The key objective of the DPSA is to promote and advance the human rights of all disabled individuals in South Africa. DPSA’s participation in the newly appointed National Lottery Operator will assist in generating revenue to advance its goals, objectives and programmes.

NEHAWU Lottery Investments is the investment vehicle for the National Education, Health and Allied Workers Unions (NEHAWU). NEHAWU was established over fifteen years ago and represents over 276 000 members. NEHAWU Investment Holdings (NIH) is wholly owned by the Tshedza Trust, which acts for the benefit of NEHAWU members.

NIH strives to externalize its new long-term growth strategy, “The Higher Ambition Strategy”, which forms the basis of its development towards being a leading broad-based industrial enterprise.
NEHAWU’S higher ambition platform follows the key objectives of the Government’s National Development Plan, which is the elimination of poverty and reduction of inequality among South Africans by increasing employment opportunities.

SDI was formed by and is the investment arm of South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO). It is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, with its primary mandate being to facilitate sustainable development at community level. Its main focus is to fund programmes that assist in transforming the civic movement in South Africa from protest to development orientation through community initiatives and skills development. SANCO is a well-known civic movement and has a presence throughout South Africa, particularly in the rural and underdeveloped areas. SDI has a strong board made up of well-respected South Africans who will ensure that through proper governance structures, integrity and transparency; all benefits accruing from the operations of ITHUBA will be used to fulfil its constitutional mandate.

SAGDA is a non-governmental youth initiative, with the objectives to strengthen our civil society through the empowerment of graduates and ensuring work placement for graduates. SAGDA’s objectives include the following:

  • Promoting Scarce & Critical Skills
  • New Venture Creation

SAGDA has partnered with entities such as Universities and FET Colleges to facilitate the placement of unemployed graduates within the corporate and government sectors and has assisted over 200 000 graduates with secure internships, training and jobs with reputable companies

Inhlangano was established specifically to cater for the interests of specific South African business people. Inhlangano is 100% owned by Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs), a significant percentage of which are members of the youth represented by the KhayaSigxashe Trust and the VuyelwaSigxashe Trust.