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Media Planner & Buyer

Application Deadline: December 15, 2017

Location: Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

We are looking for a Media Planner & Buyer for a Fixed Term Contract of 5 Months. The successful candidate will commence work on 02 January 2018. Kindly forward all your application online and the closing date for application is Friday, the 15th December 2017.

Media Planner

Job Summary

A key player in the advertising and marketing industry. Essentially, they are tasked with maximizing returns on advertising and promotional activities across different media channels.

Primary responsibilities

  • Responsible for analysing data, thinking creatively and providing innovative strategies to make sure marketing campaigns reach the right target audience in the most effective way possible.

  • Coordinate launch of media campaigns with marketing, communications, and sales departments.

  • Decide how best way to communicate message, a combination of media

  • Assess the impact and suitability of different types of media for targeting a specific market that product managers wants to reach.

  • Collect and analyse information about different media channels, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, films, television, the internet and outdoor media, such as posters and digital billboards, with regards to consumer behaviour, circulation, audience trends and the impact of different methods.

  • To be armed with this critical analysis, so can devise or recommend strategies for using certain media effectively to attract and retain customers, increase brand recognition, and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Need to work closely with product managers, understand their wants, needs and objectives and then make the important decisions about what media channels should be used for specific campaigns. These choices have an impact on what the creative team produces and vice versa.

  • Work alongside media buyersto help direct the acquisition of certain advertising slots and spaces.

  • Prepare detailed media plans, schedules.

  • Gain product manager/HOD’s approval for each campaign phase.


Media Buyer

Job Summary

Responsible for seeking out, purchasing, and negotiating media space.

Primary responsibilities

  • Reach highest number of people with lowest-priced ad possible.

  • Keep abreast of industry figures, including distribution and audience figures.

  • Monitor buying strategies.

  • Monitor and optimize effectiveness of campaigns.

  • Build relationships with media sales companies.

  • Negotiate rates with media sales companies to obtain most competitive prices, discounts. Achieve what we are currently receiving and more.

  • Buy advertising space in magazines or newspapers, OOH.

  • Purchase advertising time on TV, Radio, and Digital OOH.

  • Issuing of copy instructions to media houses (CI’s).

  • Work alongside the media planner, collect information about the kinds of audiences that can be reached by the different media and the approximate size of those audiences.

  • Use a combination of several different kinds of media to reach different audiences.

  • Work with media sales workers employed by newspapers, magazines, cable services, and radio and television stations.

  • Track down and buy space in print publications or television markets.

  • Resell space to advertising agencies if required.

  • Recommend which days and times ads should run.

  • Prepare chase lists with deadline dates.

  • Keep a list of Flighting codes

  • Send material to stations, media houses.

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